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Bob & Lou's Story

Founder and owner of Bob & Lou's, Sarah Knabel, had dreamed of owning her own coffee shop but saw an opportunity to create a mobile experience. She launched the mobile coffee camper in July of 2020.  


Bob & Lou's is named after Sarah's grandparents, Bob & Mary (Lou) Johanningmeier, as they are the "coffee drinkers of the family." The grand opening in August of 2020 was held at Bob & Mary Lou's house on South Grandview. 

Since the grand opening of the camper, Bob & Lou's has opened a walk-up location on University Ave. Having both the camper and physical location has allowed Bob & Lou's to travel outside of Dubuque and visit its many neighboring towns.

Bob & Lou's serves up delicious drinks including: lattes, mochas, americanos, teas, refreshers, and seasonal gourmet lemonades and hot cocoas. Loyal customers also love the cold foam on top of drinks. 

Not only is Bob & Lou's a coffee shop, but Sarah also loves creating community events like the seasonal tastings. This is a themed event that offers Bob & Lou's customers a unique experience to try new drinks and  enjoy a coffee experience like no other.

When you visit Bob & Lou's you will feel the sense of community and leave with a drink that will make you want to come back for more!

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Sarah's Story

So nice to meet you!


First of all, thank you for taking time to read more about me. Without you, this Bob & Lou's community wouldn't be possible.

I am the proud owner of Bob & Lou's. My parents would say I grew up as a very spirited child. I never ran out of energy and rarely took "no" as an answer. 

At 22, I was working in corporate America  and realized I am not meant for a 9-5. I had dreamed for years of owning my own coffee shop and channeled my spirited determination from childhood into launching the business


Outside of my dream job, I love animals and have been riding horses since age 5. I've recently fallen in love with interior design. I am a creative and am always searching for new ways to channel my creativity

 Like I said above, I never run out of energy. Whether it's hiking with family or making cocktails with friends, I am always busy. 

I have my dream job. I feel so grateful every day. Thank you for reading! 

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